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This is an area where we have seen lots of interest and demand. Perhaps more people are realising they do like where they live but their surroundings in their own home have become unsuitable or just simply dated and tired. Moving home (or office) is often not necessary as there is no end of possibilities in all budget ranges.

Often a fresh pair of eyes can see an opportunity to make better use of space and once the spacial planning is decided on it's often a case of better lighting and decoration rather than anything too radical. I will always talk to my clients about the budget costs because sometimes a big difference can be made at a relatively small cost compared to moving.

Makeover Case Study

A recent example of a residential make over is a one bedroomed apartment in North Leeds where the owner was recommended to contact me through a friend whose apartment I had refurbished the year previously. My client had lived in her apartment for some years and between her career and travel she hadn’t changed much in her home. Recovery from a serious illness made her consider it was time for change and even at our first meeting I found it easy to see where improvements could be made and my client was excited about the various suggestions.

Being on the ground floor there was a problem with the lack of a damp proof course so works began on removing all the plaster and installing a new DPC. All the windows were replaced as were all the doors internally and externally and rewiring gave the opportunity to look at a new lighting scheme and a whole new layout. The semi external balcony which had been used as a drying area and partly for storage was brought indoors to create a large new kitchen which then freed up a huge amount of space from the living area. The old wardrobes were replaced and the bathroom completely refitted and underfloor heating installed. The whole apartment was replastered, had new skirting boards and architrives, new coving and a new hall storage cupboard was fitted. The old storage heaters were replaced with modern individually controlled flat panel electric heaters with timers and new appliances were installed in to the modern new kitchen.

Once the fabric of the building was completed new carpets, curtains and furniture were installed right down to new bed sheets!

At every stage of the works which were completed in just several weeks, the client pre approved samples and costs and was kept fully informed on progress.

Both the client and I were very pleased with the whole project and the images show the various stages or the refurbishment.

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