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Having developed a number of residential schemes (mainly between 18 and 26 units) Christine has invaluable experience and an eye for detail which is being recognised by other developers.

Christines ability to "read" floor plans and often make constructive and positive changes is welcomed by developers and architects alike. Her attention to detail makes her ability to produce a finished specification is a fantastic asset to developers of schemes of all sizes. Her knowledge spans the requirements of a luxury home owner through to a modest rental property.

Many developers, even experienced and well established ones, have a gap in their team which Christines skills can fill with services such as:

  • Comment on existing architects drawings and proposed layouts and to offer constructive alternatives where considered appropriate.
  • Write the detailed specification including tiles, kitchens, bathrooms, floorcoverings, colour scheme, electrical fitments.
  • Assist in the sourcing of suitable and cost effective solutions for design specification for all fixtures and fittings.
  • Assist in negotiating trade discounts where required to ensure cost effectiveness.
  • Meet with suppliers to approve final layouts for kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Agree kitchen design and appliance spec with supplier.
  • Agree bathroom layouts and sanitaryware spec with supplier.
  • Agree lighting scheme and socket layout with m and e contractor.
  • Negotiate on marketing costs eg production of cgi's.
  • Meet with brochure producer to work up final copy.
  • Take all initial calls on a designated mobile tel no. (used on marketing materials, site hoardings, adverts etc).
  • Take calls regarding supplier enquiries.
  • Initial meeting with conveyance solicitor to ensure satisfactory sales pack is produced.
  • Deal with sales enquiries and try to minimise the need to appoint a sales agent and thereby save considerable fees on sales.
  • Liase with the solicitor where necessary to progress sales.
  • Meet with prospective purchasers who wish to discuss possible variations and obtain additional costs for approval.
  • Assist the sales agent if and when one is appointed in understanding any options available to “Off Plan” purchasers for example in respect of specifications for bathrooms and kitchens.

Christine says: "My experience spans property development and consultancy; interior design and specifying interior solutions for new developments as well as refurbishment and building works.

I have found that many developers have an excellent team of professionals……..architect, Q.S., structural engineer, M&E designer, construction team, solicitor, funder etc. and yet there is still a gap.

So often no one has really thought about the end user of the property, where they will accommodate the furniture and how it relates to the lighting and electrical sockets, how they will actually use the home, what fixtures and fittings best suit the demographic of the buyer and the anticipated sales price of the property. Professionals often don’t question each other but I have experience at sitting down with the architect or the M&E designer to look more closely at the functionality of their designs and to date I have never had any uncomfortable meetings because I can always justify changes I might ask for and I am prepared to be flexible if it is explained to me why my ideas aren’t workable. I am also known for introducing what I call “flash for cash” or specification details which bring good added value to a scheme for just a small investment."

Christine’s studio is based in