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A few years ago I was asked by Chris Gilman of Landmark to furnish a new three bedroomed apartment which was going to be built in Bridgwater Place, Leeds, by demolishing three newly built and fitted apartments to create one superb spacious and luxurious apartment worthy of the captain of industry who was moving to Leeds.

At the initial meeting with the architects, the developer and the representatives of the eventual new resident I commented on the proposed layout and queried some finishes which resulted in me being asked to work on managing the project as well as eventually furnishing the apartment.

One of the challenges was getting daylight into the entrance which had no windows and so I designed lounge doors to overcome the problem. I also designed the lighting scheme and had a bespoke kitchen installed to follow the curve of the building.

I selected all the finishes, fixtures and fittings working closely with the contractors and then designed and had most of the furnishings made bespoke for the apartment.

Everyone was delighted with the end result, especially the new occupant.

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